What is a Fionist?

Glad you asked! 

Fionism is an amalgamation of two concepts near and dear to our hearts – Financial Independence and Zionism.

We are on a journey to live our best lives, here in Israel. To us, living well means being able to enjoy our passions – spending time with family and friends, traveling the world and our beautiful country, eating well, and most importantly, having the time to do it and being able to afford it all.

For some reason, money has become a taboo subject. No one likes to talk about it, and for that reason, no one knows enough about it. Schools boast advanced calculus programs, but severely lack financial literacy education. Everything in the world costs money, and while money doesn’t buy happiness, knowing that you can pay all of your bills and can afford retirement can definitely help you sleep better at night. Money can even be invested and work for you by creating passive income, thus freeing up precious time that would otherwise be spent working.

The Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE or FI for those who don’t plan to fully retire) movement began as a fringe group in the 1990s which has grown in popularity since the 2010s and accelerated during COVID, as more young people realize that the rules of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations may no longer guarantee us financial stability. The movement promotes frugality and aggressive investing as a means to build a nest egg large enough to create sufficient passive income to cover our living expenses. At this point, paid work becomes optional and we can choose what work and how much of it we want to do. We hope to reach this milestone by our early 50s – about 15 years from today.

Financial Independence allows you to buy your freedom and exit the rat race.

We are on a journey to financial independence in our favorite country in the world, and you can join us. Stay tuned!

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