Hi! We’re the Fionists. Nice to meet you.

We’re in our mid to late 30s and live with our two small children and dog in a major city in Israel. We have regular jobs – a bookkeeper/payroll specialist and marketing coordinator –  and our household income is around Israel’s average. We bake a ton and love to travel as a family.

Becoming parents in 2016 threw us for a loop when we had to figure out how to pay for daycare and other baby expenses on our then-just-over-minimum-wage salaries. Through trial and error, we learned and improved our ways. We are still learning and our journey continues to this day.

We have always been frugal, mostly lived within our means and always saved and invested. In summer 2021, we reconsidered our priorities in life and decided to live life more intentionally. We were spending money for the sake of spending money and could have continued like this for the rest of our working lives. Instead, we chose to cut our spending and ramp up our investments, with the goal of reaching financial independence and semi-retiring in our 50s. Upon reaching this goal, we will no longer need to work to support ourselves and will be free to pursue more meaningful activities. As we are both American citizens, though neither of us ever lived in the US as adults, we are subject to US tax laws and are limited in our options to invest.

If you are interested in lowering your expenses, stretching your shekels, living well within your means and growing your nest egg to support you during a rainy day, your retirement and future adventures, this blog is for you. 

Here we’ll be sharing our greatest money saving hacks, so stay tuned. And as we love food, we’ll also be including plenty of tips and tricks on saving money on your groceries and preparing food on a budget.

Looking forward to sharing our Fionist journey with you.

Fiona & Finn


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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize you live in Israel! So nice to know that there are FIRE seekers all over the world. How did you discover FIRE?

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    1. Yes we do :-). It is a small world after all, I think For me(Finn) must have been after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad for the 2nd/3rd time after we had Kids. Fiona didn’t think or bealive we could do it until she watched a lot of videos from “Our Rich Journey”
      What it seems like the seekers are more about FI and less RE in Israel. Having the option it is what it is all about no?

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