Not buying these things saves us over ILS 80K per year

In our journey to financial freedom, we have found creative ways to go with less. Not only is saving in these areas great for our wallets and our investments, many of them are great for the environment as well, so win-win. 🙂

As always, remember that drastic changes often don’t stick (and can make you resentful). For the best results, modifications to your spending habits should be done gradually and because you want to. Not everything is for everyone and even making one of these changes can save you thousands of shekels a year.

While there are probably many things we haven’t considered when writing this post, here is a list of some things we don’t spend money on:

Personal grooming, including makeup, men’s haircuts, perfumes, manicures, and beauticians. One of us cuts his hair with a haircut machine that has paid for itself countless times over while the other is growing her hair to donate (and get a free salon cut along with it). So far we’ve been doing our kids’ hair at home. We estimate that not spending on these things saves us around 2,000 per year – an amount that can feed our small family for a month.

The newest tech toys – If it ain’t broke and works fine for you, why replace it? If you do need to replace a device, last year or the year before’s model are just as good as this year’s, for a fraction of the price. Not replacing our phones and other devices yearly saves us 5-10K per year, an amount that can cover a short family getaway.

Feminine hygiene products: Reusable feminine hygiene products, all the way, girl! The cup, period panties, reusable pads – take your pick. Buy it once and never spend money on this again for years. As a pack of tampons or pads costs around 20 shekels, we save about 250 shekels per year, or half a year of our Netflix plan.

Assorted baby stuff, including baby clothes, bassinet, walker, swing, baby food machine, jarred baby food. We are blessed to get all of our baby clothes as hand-me-downs and then have the opportunity to pass them on. We borrowed a bassinet and swing from friends and fed our babies what we ate. Admittedly we never got on the cloth diapering wagon and still buy disposable diapers (on sale of course!). Buying all of this stuff (new) would have set us back thousands of shekels – which can otherwise cover food, travel, living expenses – take your pick.

Cleaning – We hire a cleaner at max 2-3 times per year. We do the rest ourselves, saving ourselves around 15,000 shekels per year.

Other things we don’t buy: Gym memberships, disposable dishes/cutlery, cable TV, bottled beverages, coffee capsules, prepared Shabbat food, bakery items, and more.

Make sure to read our next post on things we DO spend money on – and why.

What things don’t you spend money on? What do you do with the money you save?

3 responses to “Not buying these things saves us over ILS 80K per year”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    Good for you!
    The only extra thing I’d say is that if you don’t desperately want a dog, that’s another thing you don’t need to spend money on. But if you DO want one, you’re doing the right thing! xx

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  2. Nanette Kleinman Avatar
    Nanette Kleinman

    We already do 6 of these things, 6 1/2 if we get credit for downsizing from 2 to 1 cars.

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  3. launahall Avatar

    This is a great list, thanks! I especially love the suggestion to bring your own lunch. I always do that–I have better control of my food that way, and I save so much money. Sounds like your family is doing amazing on your FI journey–very inspiring!


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