Never ending paperwork

Most of us hate to deal with paperwork. This includes all of the documents we get from different companies, employers, service providers both digitally, and even worse, by snail mail.

There is no one correct answer but this is our personal list, some recommended by professionals and some from our personal experience. If you are going to keep everything digital there is no reason to ever delete the digital copies. Just make sure you scan everything clearly.

Here is how long we keep our physical documents:

1 Year

7 Years



Before throwing anything out, scanning and saving it is the best practice. You can save them to your email, external hard drive, a cloud platform, etc. Just make sure it is backed up.

Once it is all arranged, keeping it up doesn’t take as long. Think of it like putting away laundry (okay folding laundry can take some time).

Damian Conway said : “Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.”

What creative ways to store your documents?

7 responses to “Never ending paperwork”

  1. Christopher Avatar

    I love to learn more about savings


  2. miriamlowygmailcom Avatar

    Would love to save things digitally. How does one do that? Google docs? Other place? I’m a bit technologically challenged but i hate having piles of papers



    1. fionistdream Avatar

      Scan them to your email and then save them to a google drive. If you can not do that. Take a clear photo of it and then send it to your email and save to google drive or equivalent.


      1. miriamlowygmailcom Avatar

        Those things have limits though



  3. Rachel Avatar

    Thanks for all this. All I want now is that there’s an equivalent list available in other countries in the world!


  4. Mikimi Avatar

    I am an over-saver of some papers. At one point in 2011, I realized I have every phone bill I had ever received in Israel since I had gotten a phone number via Bezeq ~ 1985. I finally threw all those away. I don’t own a scanner or a paper whatchamacallit grinder. But my FBAR I do at a friend and he saves my info in a file on his computer.
    Recently I decided to buy my Amidar apartment; I needed lots of paper documents – one being my original contract to the apartment I’ve been living in since 1987 – which I had; and I had the 1st contract from 1985. I
    At the time that I signed on to live in an Amidar apartment, it never occurred to me that I might one day decide to buy the apartment I sm living in when the rent is so low – but the option now to buy, seems to be the best time for me.
    Informative post!

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