13 inexpensive ways to keep warm this winter
Photo by Joy  Singh on Pexels.com

Here are a few tips that can be used to stay warm this winter.

What things do you do to stay warm in the winter?

5 responses to “13 inexpensive ways to keep warm this winter”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    These are great suggestions!

    Two more, from a particularly cold person:
    1) In addition to a hat and slippers for your extra layers, I suggest a scarf around your neck, and wrist warmers. (These are basically mittens or gloves without the hand part, or a pair of socks without the foot part.) Easiest solution: use some old socks, cut off the feet, just use the cuff of the sock around your wrists. You can stitch the edge to stop it unraveling if you want.

    2) Use your hot bags during the daytime: heat one up and keep it on your lap while you work at home. It will warm you up for ages.


    1. fionistdream Avatar

      Very nice additions. Should try them out

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  2. Lauren Avatar

    These are some really helpful tips. We have been keeping our house at 18 degrees. I have a weighted blanket that is extremely warm and if I get cold I will put on a jumper or a dressing gown. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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  3. seree Avatar

    We grew up with this one: Under the fitted sheet, place a good quality lambswool blanket large enough to tuck under the mattress if at all possible. If no lambswool, synthetic is ok but will cause more static, if you’re static prone. The blanket absorbs body heat really fast, is far safer and more frugal than electric blankets, and also means you don’t need to stock flannel sheets if storage space is not abundant in your home. If the blanket isn’t large enough to tuck in. get hold of those suspender clips and very wide elastic and make ample ‘corner grippers’. We also did this for babies and young kids. It means that in kids’ rooms you can also turn the heat down a bit, another saving, and in adults’ rooms, you can probably turn the room heat off altogether at night. Voice of experience and living in the highest point in Jlm, and this old-fashioned trick of our Serbian greatgrandmas still works like a wonder.


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