10 more ways to save money on your next grocery shop
Photo credit: Finn Fionist

Which of these do you already do? Which ones do you plan to try?


4 responses to “10 more ways to save money on your next grocery shop”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    Thank you!
    And another (less obvious) suggestion: Don’t shop when you’re hungry.
    Have at least a snack before you go into the supermarket… you’d be surprised how beneficial this is, and how it helps you to stick to your shopping list.


  2. kristenosbornestore Avatar

    Every one of these points is spot on. Great post. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Mummy Conquering Anxiety Avatar

    Great post. I love meal planning and finding new ways to cut costs.


  4. literallylaurie Avatar

    I like to shop online and do pickup. Then I’m not tempted to overbuy. 🙂


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