Sit. Stay. Save! – 12 ways we save money on dog expenses
Our big furry almost 9 year old girl ❤

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while (or if you look at our logo), you’ll know that we have a dog and we love her to pieces. A few months after getting married, we brought home an awkward, terrified rescue puppy and never looked back. It’s hard to believe that our big furry girl will be 9 later this spring (as will our marriage).

Here are twelve ways we lower our costs on all things dog. If you are considering getting a dog, or already have one, this post is for you.

While the list above is about how to save money on dog ownership, we want to take this opportunity to remind you all that adding a dog to your lives is a significant undertaking that in many ways is like having another child. (What other pet goes to the park, has playdates, has to be taught manners, etc?) A dog is a family member who will require, food, attention, medical care and love for the next ~15 years, so it’s not something to jump into if you’re not ready for the commitment.

Do you have a dog? Are you considering getting a dog? How do you save money on your dog expenses?


2 responses to “Sit. Stay. Save! – 12 ways we save money on dog expenses”

  1. Molly | Transatlantic Notes Avatar

    I don’t currently have a pet (and haven’t had one in a long time) so it’s easy to forget the costs involved. These tips are really useful to minimize financial outgoings when buying, training and feeding a dog. etc. I look forward to the day I can finally have a dog again (my rental complex does not allow it) and I will remember these tips!


  2. Jena Avatar

    I think this goes along really well with other pets not just dogs. And if I do get pets some day, these are definitely some things to keep in mind. Thank you for sharing!


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