How to file your own tax return like a pro (and get ₪₪₪ back!)

Have you ever filed an Israeli tax return? If you are a salaried employee in Israel, you are probably grateful for the fact that you don’t HAVE to. Your employer takes care of it for you. But can you? Should you?

Am I eligible for a tax return?

How do I apply ?

Form 106

In addition to your 106, you might need some other documents.

  1. Form 867, which shows the taxes you paid on your investments or savings. You can download this from your account on your bank’s website. If you have investments anywhere else, make sure to download your 867 from there as well. Like the 106, it will have the number connecting to the tax form in parentheses.
  2. אישור מס על ההפקדות from your mortgage life insurance. This form will have the same handy number clues as the others.
  3. All receipts from donations you made that year.
Tax return application form (Form 135)

What if I made a mistake?

Don’t sweat it. The tax authority will contact you and clarify. If you are missing something, they will give you an opportunity to fix it.

What if I feel like this is really beyond me and I’m scared to do it myself?

Have you filed for a tax return before? What did you do with your refund?


3 responses to “How to file your own tax return like a pro (and get ₪₪₪ back!)”

  1. Lydiah Avatar

    Filing itax in Kenya is a mandatory even if you have A kra pin . It doesn’t matter whether you are employed,you file nil if you don’t earn any money.


  2. Tom Neil Avatar

    You made what might have been a relatively dry topic engaging and interesting. This was an enjoyable read. It also reminded me of some tax stuff I need to deal with but keep forgetting about so thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fionistdream Avatar

      Thank you 😊


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