Exposed: Our grocery costs

We spend about 1,800-2,000 shekels for our family of four per month. This includes diapers, wipes, toilet paper, personal hygiene and home cleaning supplies, and anything else that is purchased at a supermarket. Our kids get lunch at school/gan five days a week, while we parents eat all of our meals from this budget.

Despite prices rising all around us, we are determined to stay vigilant and stretch our shekels as far as we comfortably can. We track sales at all of our local supermarkets, including those by our places of work, and stock up on specific strategic non-perishable items when we see them on sale. Since we don’t have a car and (ahem) have lives, we do our best to get good prices, but don’t necessarily get the lowest every time. Remember – time is money. Transportation costs money too.

So how much do we actually pay for our staple grocery items as of May 2023? And what do we buy where?

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3 responses to “Exposed: Our grocery costs”

  1. holyrosescom Avatar

    This is how I shop, including buying somethings in bulk in the Shufersal Cash & Carry, for business owners, only. I try to buy everything I need at the lowest possible prices. I buy chicken when it is marked down on the last day and freeze it. If I have no frozen chicken that was bought cheaply, we will eat something else instead. I refuse to pay the current prices. BTW, Shufersal has not had cheese for 27 NIS for months.


    1. fionistdream Avatar

      Shufersal cheese was gone for months as there was something wrong with the import agreement. It’s solved now and the cheese should be back. 🙂


  2. Claire @ Eleventh Avenue Avatar

    Love your grocery cost-saving methods! It’s so true – groceries are one of the expenses you have control over. I also shop bulk and freeze when I can and visit local shops when they have deals. The receipt cash-back apps are a great way to further reduce costs too!


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