Our Fionist personal update – Jan-April 2023

Personal goals update:

FI goals update:

Other noteworthy highlights:

Thank you for following us on our Fionist journey. Your support means the world to us. Make sure to look out for our next update in the months to come!

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4 responses to “Our Fionist personal update – Jan-April 2023”

  1. lazyfidad Avatar

    Great update!

    I’d love to hear the breakdown of your European vacation costs (and your experience, it’s not just about the money) once you’re back.
    Regarding the employer’s pension contributions and Keren Hishtalmut-
    Do you add it to your income as well or just to your savings?


    1. fionistdream Avatar

      Thanks for commenting! We will have a full breakdown of our Europe trip after it happens. Regarding pension and Keren Hishtalmut, everything that our employer puts in any account with our name on it (pension and KH yes, income tax, health tax and bituach leumi no) counts as income, so those things go in both the numerator and denominator.


  2. Kirsten Smith Avatar
    Kirsten Smith

    Great post!


  3. Carolyn M Avatar

    Love to see you are human-I like the trimester approach 😂. It looks like you’ve struck a good balance between saving and living.


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